Use social media for market research

Business Benefits

Improve your marketing efforts by understanding the perception users have on your social media channels.

Create a spreadsheet with columns listing your businesses social media accounts.

In the row below write the number of followers for each social media account.

Identify the social media channel where most of your audience is active and interacts with your business, and write it in a document.

For example, most of your followers are on Facebook, but you have more engagement on Instagram or Twitter. If engagement is greater on more channels, focus your attention on all channels that have a substantial amount of followers and engagement.

Create polls on each social media platform and allow users to share their thoughts and insights, and ask questions that will help you understand how your followers are feeling about a specific product.

On Twitter and Facebook, you can add polls when creating a post, while on Instagram, you need to add stories to create a poll.

Create a contest on any social media platform and ask participants to share something about themselves that will give you more insights.

For example, an ice-cream shop can ask participants to write their favorite flavor in the comment section.

Create an image post and add a call to action text in the description that directly relates to the topic of the image.

Scan the comment section of the post to identify users perception of the product itself. Catalog the observations in a document and analyze the user’s perception of your brand.

Create an account on Brand24 or a similar social media monitoring website, to keep track of brand perceptions and take note of the number of positive and negative feedbacks.

Use the feedback to improve parts of your business which people have a negative opinion of. For example, they can have a negative view on the pricing compared to the quality of the product. Adjust your pricing model to satisfy a segment of your audience.

Create stories on Instagram and add a question sticker from the story features section to ask an open-ended question.

Share the stories on Facebook as well to increase the number of respondents. For example, ask which is their favorite ice-cream flavor and use the data to create a stronger presence to increase sales.

Add a story on Instagram and select the emoji slider from the story features, add a question at the top of the slider and choose the slider that is the best fit for an answer

By using an emoji slider, your followers can rate certain products without having to put in too much effort. Write the average response rate from a scale of 1 to 10 in a report after 24 hours.

Write a report where you will catalog your research findings and use them in creating better campaigns.

For example, if you identify that users interact more with posts and contests that involve apparel rather than shoes, you can focus on apparel campaigns.

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