Use analytics to improve paid ads

Business Benefits

Optimize your paid marketing channel mix and improve the ROI of your paid ads.

Learn which paid ads channels deliver the best cost per conversion and ROI:

  • Go to Acquisition > All traffic > Source/Medium and Check the Goal Completions metric. Your Google Ads campaigns will appear as google / CPC in the report.
  • Other paid traffic sources will be represented according to the utm_source and utm_parameters that you used when tagging the links. For example, they might appear as Facebook, CPC, Instagram, or paid.
  • You can find the absolute number of goals per traffic source in the Goal Completions column.
  • If you use ecommerce tracking, click on Ecommerce to see which traffic sources are most effective in generating revenue.
  • Compare the number of goals or revenue to the cost invested in the channels to determine the cost per conversion and/or ROI of each of the paid channels.

Optimize your paid marketing channel mix based on the insights collected in the analysis process.

Identify poor-performing channels that generate high cost but don’t generate many goals or much revenue; consider reducing investment in these channels or changing the channel strategy by testing a different target audience, changing ad creatives, and tweaking the ad message. Identify well-performing channels and scale them if they have growth potential for example, increase ad spend, increase bids, or expand targeting.

Analyze the specific campaigns, ad groups and keywords of your Google Ads campaigns and optimize them for ROI:

  • Go to Acquisition > Google Ads > Campaigns and analyze the cost and goal completion metrics.
  • Identify the campaigns with the highest cost per conversion and investigate it further:
    • Click on the campaign name to view the ad groups.
    • Identify the ad groups with high cost per conversion.
    • Click on Keywords next to Primary Dimension.
    • Identify the ad keywords with high cost per conversion.
  • Pause poor performing keywords, ad groups or campaigns.
  • Scale the campaigns with good ROI and low cost per conversion.

Analyze the specific campaigns in other paid marketing channels and optimize their performance:

  • Go to Acquisition > All traffic > Source/Medium and click on the paid channel that you want to analyze.
  • Click on Secondary Dimension and select Campaign to view the campaign-level data.
  • Identify the campaigns with the worst performance, high cost or low number of conversions, and deactivate them.
  • Identify the campaigns with the best performance, high number of conversions or low cost per conversion, and scale them by increasing budgets, increasing CPC bids, or expanding targeting.

Analyze the landing pages used in your marketing campaigns to improve bounce rate and conversion rate.

For Google Ads landing pages go to Acquisition > Google Ads > Final URLs. For other traffic sources go to Acquisition > All traffic > Source/Medium, click on Secondary Dimension and select Landing Page. Identify the final URLs and landing pages with the highest bounce rate and lowest conversion rates. Consider linking the ads to other pages.

Repeat the above process on an ongoing basis.

Perform the strategic analysis of all your channels on a weekly basis. Analyze and tweak the campaign-level tactics on a daily basis.