Unbounce Smart Traffic

Hello! Does anyone have any experience with Unbounce’s smart traffic function for low traffic landing page optimization? https://unbounce.com/product/smart-traffic/ Have you had positive results?

Additionally, if anyone knows of either a similar plugin that works with Wordpress or a solution that is platform agnostic, let me know.


Hey @richard.briddock,

Great question. :slight_smile: Let me ask our team what they think, then tag community experts, to get you the best review on Unbounce you need.

While I curate that answer, I want to empower you to make sound decisions on any A/B tests and tools you use in the future. Just read these 2 step-by-step playbooks, then answer 3 main questions.



  1. Are there any steps missing from this playbook to make it current today?
  2. What is the main result or takeaway from this playbook?
  3. Are there any specific examples that would strengthen this playbook?

This exercise can help you learn what variables and variations an expert looks to test while helping you understand how to make any A/B testing method work for what you need in one fell swoop.

Share your answer here while I get back to you early next week with that expert recommendation on Unbounce. For any questions in the meantime, feel free to ask.

Looking forward to your answer!

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