Setup an email campaign in MailChimp


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Business Benefits

Create effective email campaigns that convert better for your business.

Write down a clear goal for your email campaign and the steps you want readers to take in a document.

  • Write the goal of the campaign at the top of the document. For example, write down whether you want to create an email to drive traffic or encourage users to make a purchase.
  • Write the subject line and preview text for your email at the top of the document.

Write your email copy and headings for each section of the email in the same document.

  • Create your email structure in the document but don’t focus too much on the content layout.
  • Copy the images and links you want to add in your emails in the document.

Log in to MailChimp, click ‘Create’ on the left side of the panel, select “Email” , choose a campaign type, and click on “Begin”.

The campaign types are Regular, Automated, and Plain-text. Choose Regular if you want to send a one-off email with designs, choose Automated for automated emails, and Plain-text for an email with only text

Click on “Add Audience” and choose an audience from your email list.

If you don’t have anyone in your list, export an email list from your CRM platform or type each email individually in the audience section on Mailchimp. You can access the audience section by clicking on “Audience” at the right panel.

Tick the “Personalize To Field” box, select |*FNAME|, and click on save.

Click on “Add Subject” and paste your email subject and preview text from your word document. Click on Save.

Navigate to Audiences > Segments and click Create Segment’ Add a condition to your lists, such as first name, or industry, select the condition ‘Is,’ and name your segment.

Click on “Design Email” and drag and drop content blocks from the right panel into the email layout.

  1. Refer to the content you created earlier in your campaign document and drag and drop the content blocks to create a layout for your content.
  2. Copy your email text into the specific blocks and add the images to their designated blocks.
  3. Drag and drop dividers, buttons, footers, and headers to your email from the side panel.
  4. Click ‘Save and Exit,’ name your template, and store the design in MailChimp.

Select Scheduled from the top right corner of the page, and create a schedule for your emails to be sent.

Choose whether to send all the emails in one go or send batches of 100 emails to be sent 15–30 minutes apart.

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