Set up newsletter automation for customers only and first look content

Business Benefits

Automate your email marketing.

Decide how to categorize the segments who will receive these emails. Do you want to create an opt-in offer for customers to self select or allow all customers to receive these emails?

While sending these emails to your entire audience may broaden the reach for new content, it may be overwhelming if other campaigns are happening concurrently. In that case, opt-in offers may be useful. Alternatively, you can use analytics data to create these lists. For example, use behavioral data like open rate to identify loyal customers that are more likely to open new offers.

Tag the segments in your email automation tool.

Several email marketing platforms have built-in tagging tools. In Mailchimp, for example, you can manage tags in the audience dashboard. You can create your segmented lists beforehand and tag the desired lists or add tags afterward using post-send actions. You can also link tags to purchase actions to automatically create a customers-only list.

Craft copy detailing the offer and write a subject line that specifically reflects it.

Examples of offer types include:

  • Friends and family sales: For example, Macy’s typically has two Friends and Family sales every year, one in the spring and one in the fall.
  • Early access: For example, Ticketmaster often offers early access tickets in a variety of ways. In the past, they’ve held limited presales for those with a credit card from a specific institution or those with a social media exclusive link.
  • Sneak peek at new products: For example, Wayfair has held Sneak Peek Sales before a new season to highlight new furniture, like summer-specific lounge sets.

As with all emails, ensure the copy is proofread and consistent with your brand voice. Your copy also needs a sense of urgency in your tone. Highlight the limited-time nature of the offer, the limited supply of the products, and the exclusivity of their membership.

Automate the emails to be sent around the time of the offer by syncing your calendar with the sale cycle.

For early access offers, send tagged users the email as soon as the offer is live and delay the mailing to the larger audience. Alternatively, you can provide an early access link before the sale goes live to the public.

Track the effectiveness of your emails using analytics tools and UTMs.

Use UTMs, which are short pieces of text that attach to URLs, in your emails. These allow you to track clicks from these emails. Analyze the data using tools like Google Analytics or built-in features in mailing platforms. For example, UTMs allow you to compare email traffic to social media traffic and other channels. For a segmentation campaign like this, you can treat this like an A/B test and compare the click rate and conversions of the tagged group versus the untagged group.

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