Optimize website pop-ups and ads



Business Benefits

Increase your sales, reduce bounce rates, and improve your ROI.

Use ads to welcome your brand new visitors and offer discounts in return for their email address.

For example, you can display a welcome message when they first visit your website, such as “Welcome to our store! Sign up here for a discount on these products.”

Create pop-ups during a season sale to promote limited offers and to create a sense of urgency during season sales.

For example: “Get this limited offer right now save up!” or “Christmas sale available until [date].”

Create a pop-up that displays offer details, benefits, and the expiration date. Add a timer that will show how much time customers have to take your special season offer.

Add a pop-up trigger that targets people who are about to leave your site without buying anything.

You can track the mouse movement when the visitor is about to close the tab, or you can set the pop-up to appear after a certain amount of time. These pop-ups can display discount codes, limited offers, coupons, or similar benefits to make visitors stay or perform the desired action.

Create cart reminder pop-ups and target visitors who added items to their shopping cart but abandoned their purchasing process.

You can include your shopping cart icon within the pop-up as well as your store’s logo.

Create pop-ups that ask customers to give you their email so that you can remind them about their abandoned purchases.

For example: “Want to pick up where you left off? Sign up here for email notifications.”

Set your pop-ups to be triggered when someone lands on a particular landing page to target people that are most likely to buy a product.

For example, if you want to promote basketball shoes, set the ad to appear on the basketball category page.

So we all know popups work in terms of increasing conversion. But has anybody ever attempted to quantify the damage they do? I ask because whenever I sit in on usability testing, people always complain about popups. Everybody hates them, and we know from stats that most people just close them. But do they actually cause harm to brand reputation or even sales?

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