Marketing attribution without breaking the bank

Hello CXL,

My question is simple, is there a software (or combination of softwares) that allows to do decent marketing attribution without breaking the bank?
The goal is to get granular data on user journey and conversion attribution with different models to better understand the impact of each marketing channel.

I know UA used to have that with the multi-channel attribution report, but I always thought it was a bit basic and not very reliable. Outside of that, there are some tools out there like Ruler Analytics or SegmentStream, but they all cost at the very least $500/month, which is a bit much for me right now.

Any idea?

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Hi Lucas,

Welcome to the community! Here are a couple of lessons from our attribution course that go over different models and how to use them. It is mainly geared towards Google’s attribution options, but hopefully at the very least it can teach you how to utilize Google’s attribution reporting better.

Attribution in the marketplace
Attribution models