Find your brand soul by defining your brand vision, purpose, and mission

Business benefits

Create an emotional connection between your brand and audience.

Define your brand purpose by answering why your business exists, how your processes help you realize the why, and what the results of those actions are that fulfill your purpose.

Your brand purpose is designed to create a strong emotional attachment to your brand. Go beyond answers that revolve around making a profit, instead focusing on how your brand impacts the world.

The why, how, and what of Apple's brand

For example, Apple’s brand purpose is challenging the status quo and doing things differently through beautifully designed and easy to use products.

One way to define your purpose is to look at the societal problem your business is uniquely equipped to solve.

How Cheerios promotes youth literacy

For example, the cereal brand Cheerios is committed to youth literacy, and uses its brand messaging to solve that problem.


Align every core business function to your brand purpose to ensure its authenticity and staying power over time.

A written purpose statement can only be effective when it aligns with daily operations and strategic goals of the entire organization. Use those tasks and goals as benchmarks to ensure its authenticity.

Regularly review your brand purpose to confirm it still inspires your customers to trust and support your brand.

Define your brand vision by asking where you are heading and what drives your business towards the future.

Your brand vision builds on your organization’s purpose to provide a roadmap and more specific goal for everyone to work towards. Capture it and reinforce it often to drive key business decisions and motivate your employees by adding meaning to everyone’s work.

Keep your brand vision statement to a maximum of two sentences to maintain a big picture focus.

Communicate your brand vision prominently and frequently, turning it into an internal guidepost for every organizational level and business unit.

Use your brand vision to align internal audiences and core stakeholders around the bigger motivations behind their daily work and tasks.

Draft a brand mission that describes what your brand will do or build to achieve your vision.

Your brand mission makes your brand vision pragmatic and guides your strategy.

While your purpose states your brand’s reason for being, and your vision creates a destination specifying where you intend to go and a target at which strategic and tactical plans should be aimed, your mission provides tangible ways you will work towards achieving that vision. Use your mission to make it clear what steps you will take get there.

Making Mercedes-Benz the renowned center for customer service

For example, the vision of Mercedes-Benz is to become the world’s most renowned center for customer service in the automotive sector. Its mission statement describes doing everything possible to create the best environment for skilled people all over the world to provide that superior customer service.

Keep your brand mission to a single paragraph. Aim for one to four sentences and a maximum of 100 words.

Review your purpose, vision, and mission to ensure they clearly communicate and connect the impact you’ll make, how you’ll drive towards that impact, and the actions you’ll take to achieve it.

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