Drive ecommerce traffic from YouTube

Business Benefits

Leverage video content to increase conversions and sales.

Login or sign up for a YouTube channel using your business name.

Your business’s branded channel makes your channel recognizable and helps keep your branding consistent across all platforms.

Research popular keywords beginning with How to that relate to your products or industry. Look for specific problems people are trying to solve within your industry.

Create and publish video tutorials based on the keywords you researched, positioning your product as part of the solution.

For example, Swiffer creates videos for their YouTube channel such as Bathroom Cleaning Hacks: Best Way to Clean Grout and Tiles, which offer actionable cleaning tips. They promote their own Swiffer Sweeper Wet product as a possible solution.

Create a dedicated video for each of your products to highlight its features and benefits or to help demonstrate how a consumer should use the product.

This type of in-depth visual product guide can help customers who recently purchased your product to navigate all of its features, and it can persuade potential buyers to purchase the product for themselves.

For example, Ring’s video How to Set Up Your Ring Video Doorbell shows viewers how they can install and set up their new device with Ring’s mobile app.

Provide a direct link to the product in your ecommerce store in the description box under each of your videos.

This allows interested viewers to quickly locate and purchase the product.

Place paid ads to appear either on YouTube search results pages or play before other channels’ videos.

Use YouTube search ads to target specific keywords your target audience will be searching for. This will promote your website or a product page at the top of the YouTube results page for queries that relate to your keywords.

YouTube pre-roll ads can be targeted to specific audiences and will play before a targeted viewer watches a video on another channel. Make your pre-roll ads entertaining and engaging to encourage viewers to keep watching your ad.

Sponsor a YouTuber whose audience could benefit from your products.

Here are a few examples of sponsorships:

  • Negotiate a flat rate to pay the YouTuber for each video they create that highlights your brand and products.
  • Create an affiliate link to your products to earn affiliate income for the YouTuber.
  • Create a discount code for your products the YouTuber can offer their audience.
  • Organize a giveaway of one of your products for a winner from the YouTuber’s audience.

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