Do keyword research for local SEO

Business Benefits

Drive qualified local traffic to your website.

Compile a list of your business’s main product or service categories.

Enter each of the terms from your list into a keyword research tool to search for related keywords that apply to your business.

Analyze your top competitors’ search rankings for keywords that overlap with your own list.

Analyze the top ranking search results for each keyword to identify relevant long-tail keywords that will be helpful to mention in your own web copy.

Identify how you should prioritize your product or service pages based on the local search intent and average search volume of each keyword.

Reference frequently asked questions on each of the search results pages to identify helpful information you can answer on your website to reach your target audience.

Map out your business’s home page, product or service pages, and content pages according to the related keywords from your list to optimize URLs, page titles, meta descriptions, and web copy for local search intent.

Optimize your Google My Business listing and social media bios with your top product or service keywords for local search intent.

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