Design the best ecommerce email

Business Benefits

Increase sales conversion and repeat purchase rate, or reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Familiarize yourself with your email marketing capabilities, including data integration with your online store system.

Define the goal for your ecommerce email within a transactional or promotional category.

Design an email template that matches your brand and email goal.

Use your subject line to let recipients know exactly why this email is important.

Personalize the body of your email to include customer, product, or purchase details.

End with a clear CTA that matches audience expectations at this stage in the buyer’s journey.

Offer clear contact information for any customer questions or issues.

Review your email from a content perspective to ensure every part of it drives towards your defined goal.

Review your email from a technical perspective, focusing on mobile optimization and correct data or personalization merges.

Regularly track email and goal performance data, and make changes to your email as needed.

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