Define buyer personas

I didn’t reply to this before because I wait to gather more feedback from people using this Playbook. If what they are looking for is unclear and it makes sense to separate them, then ok. For now, I agree we should keep them like this.


What is top task analysis?

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Top task analysis is a methodology created by Gerry Mcgovern to understand what questions and tasks customers want to complete. What sets it apart is that it recognizes that not all tasks/questions are equal in people’s minds and that we often overwhelm users with too much information. The approach helps you find the things that matter the most and prioritize them. This post has a good summary.


Thanks @boagworld for the quick response. Sounds great. Will read it in more detail.

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Would also recommend flagging the status in the customer journey. Eg. Those personas who are in the awareness phase will have different behaviour mechanics than those in the decision phase, thus when you or your team will use the defined personas in different operative activities, will be able to go deeper in personalization.

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