Create a B2B email AB testing strategy

Business Benefits

Increasing email open and click-through rates.

Identify what aspects of your email you’re going to A/B test, for example, call to action, subject line, personalization, images, and length.

When conducting an A/B testing environment, it’s important to only change one factor at a time to figure out exactly which iteration resonates best with your audience

Choose whether to test your entire audience list or segmented groups.

In certain circumstances, it’s more beneficial to test small segments/groups of your audience. For example, if your A/B testing program charges you per email or if you’re testing controversial content, you may want to split to a smaller audience and only send to a small demographic.

Set your success measurements based on your industry average open rate.

For example, if your open rate is at 18% perhaps your success measurement goal will be an increase to 23%. Ideal open rate percentages run from 15-25%, so wherever your current percentage is, it is recommended to set a goal to raise that rate by ~5%.

Analyze results by looking at the open rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate, and review how your A/B marketing emails perform against your previous data.

For example, if your open rate percentage goes up, your headline is succeeding, but if your click-through rate went down, you may want to reconfigure links or include content to keep your audience scrolling.

Test and test again, trying different iterations of your versions.

Remember, there are many different aspects of your emails that you can A/B test. For example, try different headline and image combinations, try different clickables and call-to-actions, and determine which combinations perform best.

Try sending emails at different times of the day like morning, afternoon, and evening, to decide which time gives you best open and conversion rates.

Utilize A/B testing tools to assist with segmenting audiences and automatically send winning emails to the rest of your audience.

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