Can someone share any evidence of emojis use and effectiveness for SEO?

Dear CXL Community,
I am wondering if it is a good thing to apply emojis in meta description to catch the eyes, get higher visibility and CTR.
I can understand for PPC but how are emojis perceived as tacky in the SERP if your webspage is about a formal/non funny topic? Is there any relevant studies about this?
Thank you.

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@pablo any thoughts.?

Emojis are basically useless for SEO. They might help attract the reader would *could * influence the clicks on your meta titles in search, but this would fall into the realm of conversion rate optimization which could be considered a sister to SEO. Use emojis wisely and sparingly.

Hey @muriel.serres, here are a couple of useful readings/resources.

Thank you @bmull.
I agree on the wise use :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Thank you @sakib for the links.
I will investigate and test very few emojis as eye-catchers in Meta Descriptions.

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That worked very well in 2018 and maybe 2019.
Just look, how your competitors in your market do? Because it raised attentions
But in YMYL - Section, it wont be shown anymore for years.

And to be honest, i did not see for a very long time in the SERPS.
So, just spend time on it, when you see it in your market in the serps. If not, don´t try do implement them → Google wont show it.

Would love to see an experiment run on this.

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Oh, I never heard of the use of emojis in seo, that’s new and interesting. I was looking into sportsbook backlinks strategy then I got really invested in this topic. This is a good read. I also found this blog on Mangools about How Google perceives emoticons


hey @muriel.serres I have been very interested in this topic. If you come across any unexpected results in your experimentation, it would be very cool if you shared them :wink: I’d love to read it!