Become an authority in your niche

Business Benefits

Build credibility and convince your prospects and customers to give you their continuous attention.

Become a subject matter expert by studying relevant books, blogs, and other information resources in your field.

Study the top 10 blogs or authorities in your space and read any best-selling books on your topic to get up to speed. Having a passion or genuine interest is also helpful. If you aren’t passionate about your topic, it will show. As you continue to learn about your niche (the learning never stops), your passion will go a long way toward building credibility.

Commit to lifelong learning to stay at the forefront of your field.

Study all the time, especially if your field is a fast-changing one. Subscribe to other thought leaders in your space, listen to podcasts, and engage in continuing education and certifications, if relevant.

Don’t be afraid to be controversial, but be ready to share and defend your views and new approaches.

As you become an expert in your field, you’re bound to share thoughts and opinions that are controversial. In fact, you can accelerate your progression to authority figure status by going against the grain.

Make sure you are familiar enough with the topic so that you can defend your views and demonstrate your knowledge. You can do this by ensuring that you are constantly studying and up to date on any news and developments. If your niche is physical, make sure you regularly practice and document any new insights and approaches.

Create well-written, world-class content that lives up to its promise and provides value.

Treat your knowledge of reports, blog posts, articles, and videos, as your advertising. Content that fails to live up to its promise, is poorly written, or doesn’t provide value, will reflect poorly on your reputation.

To ensure that your content is world-class, Google the keyword or topic you are creating content for. Review the top 10 Google search results. Your content should outshine everything on Google. You can use the search results as inspiration for content and formatting.

Produce a lot of content, speak, and teach for free to establish yourself.

  • Contact newspapers and magazines in your niche, and offer to write value-adding articles.
  • Make your thoughts, tips, and insights available in every possible format (blogs, social media, podcasts, video, infographics, etc.).
  • Consider offering to speak for free at seminars or conferences on your topic that will be attended by the audience you want to attract.
  • Write free reports and make them available on your website and others where possible.
  • Start and maintain a blog to build relationships and talk to your current and future customers/followers.
  • Consider starting a free coaching or mentorship program and establish connections with other rising stars.

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