August 2022 New Course: Selling on Marketplaces

The new Selling on Marketplaces course is live. For anyone looking to remain relevant in the coming years on marketplaces, namely Amazon. It always starts with Amazon.

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After taking this course, you will:

  • Know and understand exactly what a marketplace is, why you need to be on them as a brand, the core components of marketplace sales, and big contenders.
  • Where opportunity is, how to gauge it, and what to tackle first. (P.S. It always starts with Amazon.)
  • How to effectively set up your brand presence on marketplaces and get the ball rolling. Why telling Brand Story is key and how to do this well.
  • Optimize the conversion rate on your PDP (Product Detail Pages) to convert the highest amount of traffic to consumers.
  • Follow the customer journey and find out how to create more than just sales. Learn how to create a loyal following and eager brand evangelists.

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