Write copy for multiple audiences

Business Benefits

Increase your brand perception.

Gather data from Google Analytics or website analytics, and conduct user research through customer surveys and interviews to analyze your customers.

Write the data in a document to understand the values and goals of your customers.

Create your business’ customer profile using the data from your research and write it in the document. Look for patterns in the customer’s goals, needs, and expectations, and highlight the customer’s attributes that are more frequent in your data.

If you find more than one customer profile in your data, write about each of them in the document.

Create a table in the same document where you catalog the name of each customer profile in a separate column and under each customer profile, list their values and goals that you have previously identified.

For example, if you provide a service for students and teachers, list what they value most in their lives. For students, it can be flexible hours and free to use.

Find common values in your customer profile preferences by comparing values that overlap.

For example, if one audience is app sellers and the other audience is your app developers, their common value from an app is generating revenue.

Use the common values you identified and create a new value proposition that caters to the new set of values.

Create a headline or message that identifies their pain points and incentivizes them to scroll down and learn more about your product.

Check your analytics to see if your website’s value is geared towards one specific audience, and structure your copy to their needs first.

For example, if your analytics indicates that one audience represents more than 50% of the total traffic and sales, then your copy should be directed towards them first.

Add a slider on your website landing page where users can select which topic fits their needs and lead them towards that website section.

Create the content on a page that is fit for their values and what they want to achieve. Directing users to a specific page allows you to create different messages for each segment.

Use approachable tone in your copy for your audience to be able to identify themselves with.

Be explicit about the labels on your website so each of the audience can know which section of the website is intended for them.