Which minidegree shall we produce next?

  • B2B SaaS growth
  • PPC specialist Minidegree
  • Marketing Automation Minidegree

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Don’t see an option you want leave a comment to let us know in the replies . :point_down:t4:

A fintech growth marketing mini degree


Marketing Automation Minidegree


Firebase, aso, mixpanel and amplititute.

Remote config, a/b testing for mobile apps, buyer journey, jtbd


Ooo Fintech interesting? In your mind how would it be specifically different to a generic growth marketing course?

What areas would you be looking at learning more about?

Huge topic. Love it.

We where considering doing some no-code courses as it enables so many more people to execute on automation strategies?

What kind of programs did you have in mind?

Hi @sates52 can you give me a bit more detail on Remote config?

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Firebase personalization and A-B testing issues.

Your product analyics course is a general one. It is better to add a detailed courses. Events, audiences, segmentation and buyer journeys etd.


Thank you for your feedback. Getting specific and relating it to one of our courses is especially helpful. Will keep this in mind :slight_smile:

This should really be done especially the technical set ups also for FB and Google ads how to set up the accounts without working with engineers

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Can you help me to understand this correctly that the below comment is related to


Would like to understand you correctly, as i think we may have stuff in the pipeline regarding this.

Can you help me clarify?

Marketing Funnel building

Hey @kadijat_okeowo

We have a lot of Playbooks on Building marketing funnels

Fancy taking a look and seeing which ones you would like courses on?

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You can also look into a mini degree on B2B marketing

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Thanks @kadijat_okeowo

As largely the core competencies are more or less the same topics, you see most differences in actual practical examples and case studies.

It’s when you get really granular that you start spotting differences.

Did you have specific areas you wanted us to focus on?