Which CXL exclusive event do you want most?

This poll directly influences what exclusive recurring events will be hosted for you in the future, only at CXL.

  • Expert Q&A sessions: Get answers for specific on-the-job problems from our experts.
  • Workshops: Create expert SoPs together from CXL content.
  • Webinars: Sharing how to do tasks like the top 1%.
  • Other (reply below).

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An option you want not here? Want more than one? Reply to this post. :arrow_heading_down:

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case study - so this is similar to webinars, but more like showcasing the process/steps of starting with a typical task/problem > high level next steps > dive into specifics on 1 or 2 tasks that made the big impact

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This is a good idea for sure. We are thinking of doing some content around this already. Watch out for growth notes and content coming in to be attached to the courses.