What pro-tips will help you get the job?

We want to create playbooks to cover what will help you most: first months on the job, best practices and more.

Playbooks are step-by-step instructions from the best in the business.
Here’s an example of a playbook that breaks down a real-work issue from a great company: Do it like Speero: Identify website issues with the ResearchXL framework

Vote and comment your suggestions below, and we’ll get you more pro-tips from the best marketers in the business.

  • Help land your interview: Topics like how to build your resume
  • Make a lasting impression: Topics like how to optimize your LinkedIn page
  • How to set you apart from competition: Understand what’s common practice in interviews, first months on the job, etc.
  • Other (tell us more below)

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Current playbooks for you:

If you want to see how agencies hire marketers, check out these playbooks.

If you want to see what other Talent members think, join the discussion here.

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