We want to make better courses. Share with us your thoughts

We are planning it all now. Unclear when it will start, but should be a quick thing as we are talking blogs, webinars and etc rather than courses.

We have a board meeting this week and discussing this is on the table so should have more details for you soon.

@wlaschmidt seems the board are behind our plan to get AI content series up and running asap. Keep eyes open for news about this. Hopefully we have the first bit in the next couple of weeks.


Looking forward to it!
Thanks very much for the update @hesh_fekry


@hesh_fekry How will CXL prepare marketers for Google’s Search Generative Experience? Are there any offerings being developed

Or, perhaps some blog posts were written to equip us?

Thanks for following up,

We are trying to figure this out asap, right now we are weighing up the format that would best work for this as things are moving so fast. Impact is at this point unknown also, so any advice is to be taken with a massive pinch of salt.

Impact on organic traffic maybe a big thing here. But it also applies to everyone. Again unclear on what the next steps might be.

There is no right way at the moment. The only thing i can advise personally, at this stage, is to map out your processes into swimlane diagrams, look at repeat process that could be addressed with language processing, and look at how you can use the available technologies to reduce manual work.

I think the key here is to experiment with this stuff asap. Small tests, MVPSand play around with it. Waiting for the right answer maybe dangerous. That is what is making this topic so hard at the moment to produce solid and deep content for.

Sure we can make the superficial do this or that. Or introduce topics on how it affects marketing. However this stuff is also everywhere and loses value/credibility fast. So putting a CXL point of view on it right now will also ultimately lead to the same fate.

What we ARE doing about it is working out the fundamental pillars behind this and how those are impacted. For example if you understand user research deeply, then utilizing this technology become an advantage rather than a risk. Even if the application is short lived. It just helps you win at that ONE thing for a short period. The law of shitty clickthroughs…but slightly different :sweat_smile:

I wish I had a better or more structured answer for you at this stage, the topic is fundamentally fast moving. And we want to get this right.

Peep did share this with us the other day. What do you think?

Thank you! Articles like these are helpful to see the bigger picture of what’s happening.

Also i recently subscribed to Superhuman newsletter by Zain Kahn and following him and his colleagues on LinkedIn. Its been quite helpful.

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@wlaschmidt I just watched this event. Great stuff on AI in marketing

Similar tips to mine at the end just play with it. But highly recommend watching this.

Maybe more in-depth programs around specific tools like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, GTM, GA, Hotjar, and Clarity among others.

The tools are some of the most important things a marketer has in order to take good and fundamental decisions.

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Did you check the newest GA4 courses?

Hi @hesh_fekry, how about updating the mini-degree first so we don’t have to waste our time taking outdated courses just to get certificates?

In the Analytics mini-degree, you have at least one entire section that is outdated - Universal Analytics. You have already recorded new lessons from Cory Watson, Fred Pike, and Charles Farina, but we still have to complete the old Universal Analytics path to take the exam.
Please update the program because I don’t want to waste my time learning a platform that is going away in less than two months,

Thanks in advance.

Hi @kmel

We are not updating the Minidegree because we are releasing the new courses as part of the all-access subscription.

These new GA4 courses have been available since Q1 this year.

Do you have an all-access subscription?

I do understand the feedback about the exam though. @Nikki maybe we can remove the questions related to UA from exams?

Cc @sakib

Ist the quartely plan an all-access one? Then yes. And I forgot to mention that some questionS in the exam are related to UA.

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@hesh_fekry my suggestion is to replace these outdated lessons with the new ones, with a note that they exist but are archived - actually the opposite of what you’re doing now. This would allow us to follow and complete the program without having to learn a tool that won’t exist in the near future.
And as soon as the intermediate and advanced lessons of GA4 are ready, you can let us know by email.

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Aha i understand that @kmel

Quarterly indeed means you have all-access so at least you can have access to the new material.

We wont be updating the Minidegrees lesson by lesson or even course by course at the moment as we are looking at a higher level overhaul in the very short term so will keep you all posted on that.

A big part of that is dealing with exactly the type of issue you are facing now with this problem.