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We want to improve how we produce our courses. We want to know what you think.

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@CXLTalent curious what you all have to say especially?

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In order to improve teaching, I recommend that the duration of the classes be a maximum of 10 minutes.

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Making it more interactive. Like having excercises or case studies would be good!

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Have exercises to practice riding the bike. Getting the knowledge and being able to do it are two different things.

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Thanks @matthaeus.carvalho @yashmjain and @rsfuncity for the tips. Were going to share a public roadmap soon here. Looking forward to hearing more from all of you.

Hi Hesh,

I don’t like to share my feedback opening, sending it via email.
I wish to have content more engaging and also videos should be focused on the content than the presentator.
As we know the current audience attention span is too low.
I would like to have my eyes on the content and a voice explaining the complex topic.

I feel like an old school class room and it is hard to focus.


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You could also use the form here if you prefer.

Thanks as I realize perhaps the initial copy was a bit unclear. Updated :slight_smile:

Form submitted. Since there wasn’t a free form area other than the final question, a few suggestions:

  • I’ve found quite a few dead links that are supposed to go to the CXL resource section. I suggest they be fixed. Maybe run a crawl on your site?
  • Some presenters repeat a line or two in error or even comment to someone off camera. Not a big deal and adds an element of being real but consider QA-ing the content. Side note, I’m personally not a fan of off-camera looks for training videos. Fine for case studies/testimonials but feels impersonal for this application.
  • The content is really great. It would be so helpful if for each, it included a “set.” By this I mean the slides or takeaway, a playbook for application, and for the examples shown on screen, those templates. Within the templates, a short “how to use” guide would help also. All of this IMO would knock it out of the park compared to other training I’ve seen for marketers.

Hope this all helps. Apologies for the critique.

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Hi @randallk.marketing thats some great feedback and onpoint.

We have collected a whole bunch of issues and now powering through these with @Nikki.

Did you use the in-app feedback feature? Perhaps weve already gotten to a few od these.

Another short question. What do you mea by off-camera look?

Hi @hesh_fekry. I have used the in-app feature to comment on some issues I’ve found. I’ll try to do that more often. Regarding “off-camera” I mean the presenter is looking off to the side, rather than directly at the camera/audience.

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Make content available through a mobile app.

The night before, I read summary notes. In the mornings, I work out listening to lectures. Access to lectures through an app would be much more user-friendly.

@randallk.marketing thats great, so for sure they are part of what we are working through now :slight_smile:

@todd currently looking into a mobile-app. Are you talking specifically off-line / downloadable? or just mobile friendly?

I agree with @yashmjain. Exercises, and case studies are essential to prepare us for work.

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Mostly Case studies and examples.