Use USPs throughout the customer lifetime



Business Benefits

Convince prospective customers to choose you over your competition.

Explain the benefits your product or service provides and then show how your features can deliver those benefits.

Talking about benefits without explaining the features will lead your offering vague and confusing. Talking about features without explaining the benefits will leave consumers wondering why they should care.

Use plain language that clearly explains the benefits of your product or service to all stakeholders.

  • Avoid jargon or terminology that may be unfamiliar to the general populace.
  • Make the benefits tangible and specific.
  • Emphasis the benefits to the buyer, not just the end user. For example, if selling gifts for Mother’s Day, talk about the benefits for the child, not just the mother.

List your unique value points wherever you use a call to action to remind the user of the value you offer.

For example, the Heritage Foundation achieved a 20% in click through rates and a 14.66% increase in donation size by simply listing three specific value points in their email when asking members to renew their memberships.

Use a multi-stage checkout process with value points at every step of the way to give prospects reason to keep moving forward within the sales cycle.

For example, The Boston Globe implemented a multi-stage checkout process that tells prospects why they should continue to move forward with their subscription, which resulted in a 17% increase in paid subscriptions.

Ensure the focus of any landing page is placed firmly on demonstrating value, and remove unnecessary clutter.

For example, Sierra Tucson (addiction and mental health facility) achieved a 220% higher conversion rate after they revamped their homepage to remove elements that distracted from their value proposition.

Continue to promote your USP post-purchase via email and other communication channels.

Doing so:

  • Reduces buyers remorse, so limiting returns.
  • Increases the likelihood of repeat business.
  • Improves the chances of word-of-mouth recommendations.