Use referrals to drive traffic

Business Benefits

Reach more customers organically and drive more qualified traffic.

Publish guest blog posts on industry websites and thought leadership sites to establish you and your brand as a leading authority in your industry.

Incorporate quotes from others in your industry or niche, and tag these individuals when sharing your guest blog post to encourage them to re-share your post and amplify your content.

Get your brand published on review websites by asking or paying for a listing or review, or encouraging your customers to leave you reviews.

Create useful content like checklists or infographics that highlight key points of your business to capture your leads’ interests or encourage people to share your content to others.

Leverage social media and keep a regular cadence of published content to lead customers to your landing site.

Comment on key blogs, social media platforms, and communities with a link to your site, offering expert insights and valuable commentary to avoid being perceived as a spammer.

Be active on industry conferences, forums, podcasts, and trade shows, and link your site with the content from these activities.

Leverage your partners in your business ecosystem and get them to post your content and links on their own platforms.

Leverage your customers and reward them for referring prospective customers to your landing site.

Ensure that all the previous methods are consistent with what your landing site has to offer so that customers who do click through, can find what they have been promised.

It is worth having custom landing pages for each channel for tracking purposes if nothing else. However, I have found that even a small degree of personalization (like mentioning the referring site) can go a long way.

As a so-called “influencer” (I hate that term) I get dozens of these kinds of requests per week. Some advice on how to do this in a way that gets a response would be useful.

For example, I rarely respond to any unless I have had previous contact with people on social media. The quality of guest posts is typically really poor, so an established relationship is vital to maintain any kind of quality.

Could do with a link to advice on how to publish good social media content that is shared.