Use polls and surveys in instagram stories

Business Benefits

Engage your followers and increase brand trust.

Compile a list of areas relating to your products, customer service, or overall brand to draw constructive feedback or questions from your audience.

Brainstorm questions to ask your Instagram followers that will help you interact and gain valuable insight into their thoughts about a topic you identified.

Begin a new Instagram story with a piece of content you want to share.

Add a poll sticker to your story and choose an open-ended question or yes/no answer format.

Keep the poll question concise and clear to encourage more responses.

Customize the design of your poll elements.

Add any additional elements to your story that are needed, review and make any necessary changes before you share it publicly.

Share the completed story with your followers.

Record the results from the responses and share the feedback with the appropriate members of your team.

Interact with your followers by sharing stand-out responses to your story.

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