Use playbooks to save time learning on the job

Search for a specific task you need to work on, ask questions and create frameworks from thousands of templates.

Learn for 10 minutes, implement in the next 10 minutes.

We want the Playbook community members…

  • To save time by having access to the best templates and an expert community
  • To ask questions and have them answered by the best in the business.
  • To reference actionable instructions from CXL courses and blogs.
  • To become 2.5x faster writing & updating SoPs.
  • To delegate and forget - Send a link to your team members, VAs, freelancers and clients. We answer their questions.
  • To become the top 1% in digital marketing

Search for a specific task you are working on like Increase ROAS, Improve content Engagement or Virtual summit

Ask questions and have them answered by the best in the business.

Get better results on every day marketing tasks you face with real-time peer support from a community of experts and influencers. (1)

Explore a library of 2500+ playbooks by category, outcome or influencer.

Do you want to do marketing like VWO or Unbounce? Do you need help increasing sales? Or do you want to map out SoPs for Video marketing? (2)

Information on how to use the playbooks, asking questions and becoming an expert.

The playbooks community is a knowledge-sharing community where CXL will manage the documenting and updating of marketing instructions so you can save time and do your work better.

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