Use cases for playbooks

Use cases:

Template library

There are many of template based communities around and the idea is well established. We need one for marketers.

Notion has a creator community on top of their platform which provides community and company created templates. Miro has Miroverse to supply their users with community contributed templates including from top brands like Cisco and H&R Block.

Zapier and Integromat are great examples of template libraries. To publish a Zap publicly users have to create 10 different applications for it. To gain the maximum from these templates normally users have to do a small amount of tweaking on top.

Saving time by getting 60-80% of the way there out of the box.

Smart learning vs classic learning

Learn by contributing

Our followers, students and instructors are our best asset. As a community, you all have already proven to be motivated to help each other to achieve the best results in digital.

What we learned from user feedback and usage patterns is that Playbooks are essentially templates for SoPs with a Q&A component.

  • Ask Questions whilst executing and our team will answer. Fast.
  • Submit your SoPs and our experts will review them, suggest feedback and convert them to playbooks for you.

Reference actionable instructions from CXL courses and blogs

We will condense and summarize all of our content into playbooks to give you access to actionable instructions from our Mini-degrees, Courses and blogs.

Save time writing SoPs

Our users use the playbooks to establish frameworks for projects and tasks. The specific workflows are then tweaked and edited for more relevant use. In this phase often questions come up that need more details, specifics or up to date information.

Save time delegating and onboarding

Playbooks are designed to save time in delegation and onboarding. This is how:

  1. Find a playbook for a task that you require a VA, freelancer, client or junior team member
  2. If you have questions or suggestions, we fix it for you.
  3. Send them the link
  4. If they have questions or problems, we help them