Use an 80/20 optimization approach to abandoned cart email



Business Benefits

Boost conversions from your abandoned cart customer segment using an effective email marketing strategy.

Use an email marketing provider that integrates with your website’s cart, so a cart abandoner can checkout directly from the emails.

For example, CM-Commerce and WooCommerce are linked in a way that a cart abandoner can click on checkout on their email and go straight to the checkout page. This feature has been found to significantly help conversions by up to 34%.

Ask a question in the subject of your first email to improve your open rate.

Make the body of the first email look like it’s coming from a real person by asking the customer if they had any issues with checking out and if there is anything you can do to help.

Check your email design before sending to ensure it is mobile-responsive, as there’s a good chance your email will be read on a mobile device.

Some email marketing software allows you to see how your email will look on different devices before sending. Some also provide an email test feature, so you can send a test email to your email address and view it on your phone.

Dynamically insert the product that was abandoned in your abandoned cart emails to create context.

Test different offers in the second and third emails to find the best offer for carts of different values.

For example, test offering a percentage off vs a set amount.

Put the email field at the top of the checkout process on your website, or use a multi-step checkout flow that asks for an email address upfront, to capture more cart abandoners in your email series.

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