Turn unique personal traits into brand differentiators

Business benefits

Engineer and oversee radical differentiation by learning how to combine talents, passions, and life experience.

List your regular daily activities. Add a star next to the ones that require special skill, passion, energy, or a commitment to improvement.

Write down your most strongly held opinions. Consider the points you find yourself talking about most often, or the arguments you have with others.

List recent enjoyable projects, jobs, and experiences.

List the topics of recent conversations you’ve had with clients, colleagues, or followers where you felt particularly energetic or passionate.

Fill out the Unique Ability worksheet to find what you can offer that’s uniquely yours.

A unique ability combines:

  • Superior skill that other people notice and value.
  • Passion for using that skill as much as possible.
  • Energy for both yourself and people around you.
  • Constant improvement as you continue to get better at that skill.

Ask 10-15 colleagues, friends, or family members what your unique ability and strongest held opinions are.

Compare the responses you receive from others and the answers you wrote down for yourself. Are they completely different? Can you find insights in the comparison?

Sort your unique abilities, activities, topics, and opinions into themes.

Look for commonalities. For example, you might find that you have a wide variety of interests, but what really gets you motivated is helping other people learn about one of your fields of interest, and seeing them understand why it’s special.

Summarize your characterization in one sentence statement representing your unique ability, your firmly held opinions, and the activities you have most enjoyed.

With this statement, you are identifying efficiencies within yourself. You are also adding a personal element to your strategy that will increase commitment and your likelihood of creating differentiation.

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