Track user journey on a B2B website

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I am trying to understand the behaviour of my website visitors. It is a B2B website and I’ve tried using GA>goals>funnel visualisation report. In the report, I marked all my pages as optional and the final goal as (the contact us page) but now a few months down the line, when I am analysing the Data It just shows that traffic has flowed through all the pages, which is not painting an accurate picture. I was just wondering if there was a more accurate way of understanding user behaviour (what they do, which pages they go to after landing on the home page) or a different tool that could help?

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Hi @testuserdanyal4

Welcome to the community, and thank you for posting this question. Its very and I am looking forward to have it answered as it will be very useful for our other users.

We used Pendo for a while internally at CXL to do this. This allowed us to use their Path functionality to do this.

You end up with graphics and charts like this. Which you can filter with Segments and such.

Pretty sure other tools like Hotjar also do this. Is this what you where after?

@sarah_bond Does Lucky orange have this ability as well?

@boagworld @Irina_Tudorache curious to hear your opinions here?

@testuserdanyal4 , did you try Audiences/Users flow and Behavior/Behavior Flow/Medium to see where they come from (email, cpc, retargeting) and on which pages they land on, also how many drop offs you have? It can give an idea on where they get lost. Usually they visit Homepage and About Me section more often if its a personal website. I didn’t understand what type of website you have, is it an eCommerce store? What goals have you set in order to follow them in Analytics? Otherwise it will be too general and you will need a Heatmap recording to understand truly what they are doing. What @hesh_fekry added is interesting, I’ve never seen this in action and I see it has goals. Start from the goals, maybe?

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Hi Irina,

Many thanks for your reply. It is a B2B website ( My primary goal is to understand how users landing on my home page navigate the website, which product/service page they click on and what they do. Any suggestions/ideas are appreciated. Behaviour flow/Audience(users flow) isn’t as easy to understand as funnel visualisation would be. I was wondering if there is a way to visualise the user journey in a better way (in the form of funnels probably)?

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I’m no expert in setting GA goals, yet I checked the website. First, there are issues with copy, you shouldn’t have question marks or texts that appear hard to read, see also green color is not great for contrast and photos are stock ones, not reliable. The messsage needs to be more clear and shorter sentences and have also a Call to action button that I don’t see now (contact is not considered a CTA anymore, won’t convert in your case). I think you have a high bounce rate also, meaning people only see one page and click out because of hard to read copy. In Analytics you can check conversions after goals are set, in your case they may be: Lead Signup/any Button Click. You need someone to set them with Google Tag manager by forming a User journey with Event Category/Action/Label but I don’t think that your website has much traffic that converts now (you know better if its worth investing in tracking or changing copy). Installing Heat Maps plugin is easier if you want to actually see the pages and buttons users click on. When you have traffic volume, ask someone to set the goals as events in GA. Hope it helped a little.


I’ll be honest. Personally, I find Google Analytics overwhelming. I am not a huge numbers person, and so I tend to glaze over when working with GA. Also, others have made some good suggestions already that might help.

If you are anything like me you might want to explore another tool that presents the information in a more accessible way.

For example, Microsoft Clarity is a good tool for getting insights into user behavior across your site and even within a page (using heatmaps and session recording). Best of all it is free.

If you have some cash to splash then something like VWO is really good. Not only does it allow AB testing, it also has some excellent analytical tools. You can build really intuitive funnels and also watch sessions of really users navigating your site.