Track LinkedIn post analytics

Business Benefits

Understand the impact of the posts that you publish and promote on LinkedIn and make better-informed content decisions.

On your company’s LinkedIn page, click on Analytics > Updates. Look for organic posts with high engagement rates and promote these to broaden your LinkedIn audience.

Change the metric above the graph to Impressions, set the date range to Last 90 days, and look for the days of the week with the highest number of impressions.

Use this to identify the best time to publish new posts and adjust your posting schedule.

In the Updates report, set Aggregate organic and sponsored to off and compare impressions and engagement metrics for paid and organic posts.

  • If your sponsored content generates better engagement but fewer impressions, consider scaling your ad spend.
  • If your sponsored content generates more impressions but low engagement, consider adjusting your paid promotion strategy - change targeting or use different content in the campaigns.

Set the timeline to Last 12 months and look at how impressions and engagement metrics evolve.

If you see a negative trend, consider adjusting your content strategy. For example, creating more compelling formats or testing new formats.

Check which topics, ad formats, images or messages generate high engagement and use this data to plan the topics and formats of your future LinkedIn posts.

Use A/B testing on sponsored content to improve and speed up your learning and optimization.

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