Tips on hashtag research

Hey Naomi,

One gap I have in my skillset is hashtag research. Do you have any recommendations for tools, and insights on how to best use those tools?


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Hi @bryce

First of all welcome to the community and thanks for getting involved.

This is a really good question.

I see a playbook about Instagram specifically but it does mention tools:

2. Conduct hashtag research by using online research tools to search hashtag metrics and related hashtags.

Hashtag research is similar to keyword research where you search keyword ideas to reveal their metrics, related terms, and how they are being used.

  • Use a Instagram hashtag research tool like Display Purposes, Hashtagify, Hashtag Expert for IG, Hashtag Scout, or Seekmetrics.
  • Search a range of hashtag categories, including general, niche, brand, high-density, and low density.
  • To keep track of research, it is useful to create a spreadsheet with categories such as Hashtag , Category , Daily Volume , Monthly Volume , and Description .

Do let me know if some of the steps in this playbook need to be more specific to your needs and we can tackle that for you.

Can you share a little more information about which platforms you are using and what the goal you are trying to achieve is?

Hey Hesh, thanks for replying. Really stoked about this product and project (and I have some additional ideas if you feel like reaching out).

For me as a marketer, hashtag research is a broad gap. I want to know what’s working, what’s not, and I want to know how smart people think about hashtags. My approach would likely be to review funnel depth combined with personas and brainstorm what they’re talking about, looking at, and seeking out in those stages. But maybe there is something I don’t know that a pure social pro does to make that better.

We have both B2C and B2B brands, so I’m looking for more of a strategic understanding and thought framework than a specific process? I hope this helps.

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This blog by Ann Smarty may be of interest.

Despite over a decade on Twitter and more than 66,000 followers, I’ve never really seen an impact from the following tactics, despite the fact that they’re extolled as “best practices” in most guides to Twitter marketing:

Using any kind of hashtags. Used strategically (e.g., tweeting to trending hashtags), hashtags may help with visibility for your tweets, but I’ve never won many link clinks, even on tweets with high engagement.

That may be because hashtags are clickable, so they steal clicks from links in your tweets. I still use hashtags for tweeting my articles but keep conversion-oriented tweets (i.e., those linking to a landing page) as clean as I can.

Also here

Seems they both agree on one thing. They have to be used carefully and really quite considered strategically.

This blog seems to tackle this point

Awesome insights and support - thanks. Going to add this to my daily reading as I ramp up.