Speero x ClickUp Webinar this Thursday

This week! Agency folks, don’t miss out. Join Ben Labay :sparkles: from Speero and Amir Kazemi, Director of Product Marketing at ClickUp, to learn how the Speero team uses their testing client, ClickUp, to run their agency. How meta is that. :wink:

The Speero team runs experimentation for Clickup
The Speero team are power users of Clickup (hit automation limits every month!)

It’s a perfect storm to see how Speero uses this tool.

“I’m a huge geek on systems, we’re developing our own operating system based on experimentation + EOS, we call it XOS. And a ton of how I think of resource and operations management is baked into how we use Clickup among other tools. It’s the flip side of the coin for how we use airtable for example. (we’re power users of both).” - Ben Labay, CEO @ Speero

Join us this Thursday.

  • Title: Agency Resource Management Built for People & Profitability
  • Date: Thursday, December 15, 2022
  • Time: 10:00 AM Pacific Standard Time
  • Duration: 30min

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Thanks for the information, @tania , how to participate in a webinar?

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Is there a way to add this to my calendar ?

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@giampala - Register using the link in the post, which I’ve also linked for you here.

If you need more help, let me know. :slight_smile:

@tope - If the event registration does not add it, I’d use the info above and add it to your calendar with a reminder. Let me know if you need help doing so!

Excellent topic! I’m looking forward to join.

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Done thanks very much @tania

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I am registred now, thans for sharing the link :slight_smile:

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Hey @tania do we have this recording?

Hello Anne

Is there a link to watch it on demand?

Thanks in advance

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@germpap if you use the join

Link and register you can get it on demand.

hi @tania , i recall there was a replay link sent out. can’t seem to find it.

Hey @m02hero you can use the link here to register and get the webinar on-demand

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thanks. just tried, looks like that page is broken

You do not see this?

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just popped up in Safari. was seeing a blank screen in chrome, my bad :sweat_smile:

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Thanks for the webinar!
I wonder do you use ClickUp for hypotheses/tests management as well?

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I know that Sperro for sure use Airtable and XOS. I think they have some documentation on their website

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