SoP for SoPs

Business Benefits

CXL SOPs will be detailed documents designed with the intention that anyone can pick them up and use them to complete a task without seeking additional help. The goal is to make them turnkey from the jump.

Define the scope/end result and fill it in the Scope field in Airtable

Before starting any SOP document, clearly define the scope of the procedure. What is the problem your SOP is trying to solve? The SOP must solve a specific problem and be easy to understand. Example: “Employee onboarding”, the scope of this document is very clear just by looking at the title. The document should only cover the essential details about this title.

Gather as much information as possible from all parties in the process.

Most of the time a Standard Operating Procedure document is created to streamline existing work. Once you have all the data, it’s easy to put it together in a structured format.

Fill in the perquisite data in the CXL Team Playbook Airtable


  • Metadata like Frequency, SoP Owner, Scope Prerequisites, References / Definitions / Terminology
  • Add any troubleshooting information like who to contact if something goes wrong if your stuck or any reference documentation

Write the instructions out by clicking on the Playbook link and following the instructions in the Sidebar and placeholder text

Review with stakeholders and get their feedback. All parties involved should clearly understand the document and provide their feedback.

It’s important to get the buy-in from all the stakeholders involved for that specific SOP.

  • Send a draft of the SOP to team members for review.
  • Have them note any grammatical or technical errors.
  • Test the document yourself to ensure that you achieve the desired outcome.
  • Have other team members test the procedures to ensure that the language is clear, can be easily followed, and can be completed successfully.
  • Incorporate relevant edits and suggestions.
  • Repeat until the document is approved and accepted by all stakeholders.

Once you get approval from all the stakeholders who are associated with the specific SOP you can Publish the playbook by clicking Submit in WorpdPress.

This will automatically update the status in the Airtable so we can track where we are in the process.

Share the link to the published playbook on the #sop channel and send it to your team members expected to perform these tasks.

If no one knows it exists, no one can use it.

Review and Amend

There are a lot of benefits to be gained from improving the process as time goes on. Also, procedures change and tools change. Keeping SOPs up to date will only help scale in the long run.