Set up social listening and measurement

Business benefits

Improve brand performance by measuring, benchmarking, and tracking brand mentions and sentiment on social media.

Choose a social listening tool to track your brand mentions.

Available tools include:

Create a reporting dashboard in your social listening platform to dynamically track metrics like amplification rate, applause rate, conversation rate, followers, mentions, reach, share of voice, and sentiment.

The most common and beneficial social listening metrics are:

  • Amplification rate: The number of people who share your content to amplify it. Greater amplification rates mean higher organic reach and brand awareness.
  • Applause rate: The number of people who “like” or otherwise tangibly approve your content. A higher applause rate means higher brand affinity.
  • Conversation rate: The number of people who comment or reply to your content. A higher conversation rate means higher brand engagement.
  • Followers or Social CRM: The number of people who follow or subscribe to your social media accounts. Higher follower counts mean higher brand affinity.
  • Mentions: The number of people who talk about your brand on social media. Higher numbers of mentions mean higher brand engagement.
  • Reach or Impressions: The number of people who see your content. Higher reach means higher brand awareness.
  • Share of Voice: How many times people are talking about your brand compared to your competitors. It can be both a measure of brand awareness and sentiment.
  • Sentiment analysis: Using artificial intelligence that determines whether a brand mention is positive, neutral, or negative. When set up correctly, it can be an effective measure of brand sentiment.
Links to dashboard tutorials for popular social listening platforms

Compare your brand against your closest competitors using each of the metrics on your dashboard.

Measure your core social listening metrics over time to determine increases or decreases in brand awareness, engagement, affinity, and sentiment.

Consider integrating social listening into your larger brand tracking strategy and including social listening metrics on your brand tracking dashboard.

While social listening is helpful as a part of your larger brand tracking strategy, avoid using it as your only brand tracking tool. Common challenges include:

  • It doesn’t work well with small audiences. For small and new social media channels, even an increase of a few followers can make a massive percentage difference in your metrics.
  • Metrics are never comprehensive measures of a brand concept. For example, while amplification rate can help you approximate brand awareness, your audience may also become aware of you through channels outside of social media.

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