Set up a dashboard in Tableau

Business Benefits

Connect data sets and prepare Tableau to consolidate and present clear and visually appealing results.

Create the necessary connections to the data sets that will be used in the reports.

Tableau has connectors to different data sources. If you are tracking your website with Google Analytics, you can connect directly to Tableau. If you store your data in other online or offline servers or files, Tableau has other types of connectors to access the information.

Create sheets for each chart or table that will be part of the dashboard.

Include some fields as filters like properties and account, date range and traffic sources.

Make sure to include the filters in all the sheets you created to include in the dashboard. Set them as Apply to worksheets > All using this data source.

Create audience segments in Google Analytics by clicking the +Add Segment on any report.

You can segment the information by:

  • Demographics
  • Technology
  • Behavior
  • Date of the first session
  • Traffic sources
  • Ecommerce.

You can also combine different conditions or user’s behavior sequences in the advanced mode.

Create a sheet with a text table to include the main metrics and position them at the top of the dashboard.

Set Measure values as marks and Measure names as columns to obtain a horizontal table. You can also create individual sheets with text tables for each type of metric:

  • Audience
  • Ecommerce
  • Goals

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