Segment customers for Facebook Ads



Business Benefits

Reach your target audience and bring in quality leads to help the business achieve marketing and sales objectives.

Create and manage a customer database to develop buyer categories.

  • Collect relevant data such as purchase dates, purchase frequency, the value of purchases, frequently purchased product types, and newsletter subscriptions.
  • Collect important data accumulated through your sales funnel, such as names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, and birthdates.

Use the data to divide the customers into relevant target categories.

  • Write down the number of customer segments you want to create and start with three broad categories you want to target.
  • Use the total amount of money spent, the number of transactions a customer makes, and the overall value of the order to choose the target customer segment.
  • To start building efficiency into the segment’s targeting, take only the top 20% of the buyers in each segment for improved efficiency.

Use data from previous Facebook Ad campaigns to set clear, quantifiable marketing objectives.

  • Review marketing results from your previous Facebook marketing campaigns.
  • Use existing results to set goals for the new campaign with the custom audience.
  • Write down the goals and a clear marketing strategy to achieve them.

Update your Facebook campaign with basic and advanced identifiers of the audience you want to target.

  • Use basic identifiers to include general contact information such as emails and phone numbers from each segment.
  • Use advanced identifiers to help you target specific members of your list who use more than just emails, phone numbers.

Create attractive ad campaigns and landing pages optimized for the target audience.

  • Create short, simple, and attention-grabbing advertisements.
  • Optimize your ad campaign creative to resonate with your target segment (consider age, location, product preferences, etc).
  • Ensure your landing page is easy to use so that the customer doesn’t get agitated and leave.

Analyze the performance of the content and refine your target segments and identifiers

  • Start with three segments to get an idea of how the customized audience system works.
  • Keep track of how many leads are coming in from each category and which ad campaign is performing the best.
  • Revise and improve the campaign in a timely manner to improve its efficiency.

Add new segments to improve results.

  • Look for potential customers, one-time buyers, lapsed customers, new buyers, or those who have subscribed to the newsletter but have not yet made a purchase.
  • Launch another campaign with a broader target audience, more segments, and a different focus to keep improving results.