Salesforce Marketing Cloud

I have a client that already uses Salesforce admin services and they are now researching if Salesforce Marketing Cloud is any good. They have recently heard bad things about it. I wonder if there’s people in the CXL community with recent experience that can share.

Thank you.

Jacob Gheller

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Hey @jacobogheller,

Great question. :slight_smile: Let’s see if anyone in the CXL Community has recent experiences with it.

@sandeep_bansal @Dom_Larch @matthew_brandt @tommy_walker @jalmari_kivinen - hey everyone, tagging you to see if any of you have had experiences with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Or if you know anyone who has. Jacob here is looking to see if the bad things a client has heard are true.

Thank you so much,

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Thanks for tagging @tania. And what “bad things” does your client exactly have in mind @jacobogheller?

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Hi Dom. My client doesn’t have anything in mind. They just heard very mixed reviews about that specific platform/service from Salesforce. Do you have experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Anything positive or not so positive you could share with me? I came over here to see if I could collect some reviews from potential users.

Thank you.


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Hey @jacobogheller,
I think I may not be the most objective source of the review as I’m really fascinated by everything Salesforce-related :wink:

However, on a more serious note, there are a few things your client should be aware of when it comes to Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  1. It’s an enterprise-grade solution, which means it’s pretty expensive.
  2. It works best if combined with other solutions from the Salesforce ecosystem, which further increases the costs.
  3. It has plenty of features and customizations that are really powerful but to get the best out of them the company requires Salesforce-skilled employee(s) dedicated to running campaigns with this particular tool.
  4. It’s a multi-dimension and advanced customer engagement program, not a “marketing automation tool” (maybe it’s obvious but I guess some of the bad reviews may be a result of a lack of understanding/poor research of the reviewers)

As a rule of thumb:

  • if your client is a startup/SME, they should avoid the Salesforce ecosystem as they can build their martech stack with several cheaper & less complicated (but also less powerful) solutions,
  • if your client is a bigger organization with more resources and looking for an all-in-one customer-centric solution, Salesforce should be at the top of what they should consider.

Thank you for reading.


Thank you Dom for sharing. As I was sharing at the beginning, my client already uses some Salesforce applications/services. I’m aware of the cost. Sales are now on high 8 figures.

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