Roll up events in GA4

This question pertains to GA4.

Is it possible to roll up three events to into a fourth event in GA4? Is there a specific report that can track this?

For instance, I have a referral link tracked as an event going to a landing page. I have the clicking of the submit button as the second event and the ‘Thank you’ page as the third event. Can I roll these up into a fourth event?

If so, can I reuse the same events, for example, the ‘Thank you’ page within several custom events?

I was thinking that the fourth custom event made up of several other events was also called a funnel, but I am not so sure.

It would be greatly appreciated if anyone can provide some insights.

Thank you

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Hi @todd thanks for your question! @whoiseddie what are your thoughts on this one?

In the meantime, hopefully these resources below help point you in the right direction:


Hi @todd,
Yes, it’s possible to create a new (fourth) event that will be logged in GA when all the previous three have fired in the same session. To do this you should create a new event tag for GA4 in Google Tag Manager.
In the trigger section click on the plus sign to create a new trigger and choose ‘Trigger Group’. Here is the description in GTM for the trigger group (The Trigger Group will only fire after all of the selected triggers have fired at least once. If you add more than one instance of a particular trigger, it will need to fire the corresponding number of times before this Trigger Group will fire.)
In this trigger group, you should add all triggers that fire for your previously created events (the three events mentioned in your thread). This way when a visitor lands on your landing page, clicks on the button and then is forwarded to the ‘thank you page’ the trigger group will fire and the fourth event will be logged in your GA
Hope this helped


Thank you very much Sasho. I really appreciate your help.



Absolutely! It is indeed possible to roll up multiple events into a single event in GA4. This is known as creating a custom event, which allows you to combine multiple events into a single event, and then track that event in your reports. By creating a custom event, you can track the entire funnel from start to finish, including the referral link, landing page, submission, and ‘Thank you’ page.