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I’m taking the Customer Segmentation for e-commerce course from George Kapernaros.

It’s awesome. However, I have a task of using a spreadsheet to make an RFM customer analysis.

I’m doing everything that is saying on the lesson: Answering the WHAT – RFM.

However Im not sure where should I include one of the formulas “=if(B974>=N$2,$M$2,if(B974>=N$3,$M$3,if(B974>=N$4,$M$4,if(B974>=N$5,$M$5,$M$6)))”

Please help!

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Hi @pedro.menezes.pereir thanks for your question! I’ll check with the instructor, hopefully they’ll be able to help. We’d appreciate your patience in the meantime!

Hi @pedro.menezes.pereir

Can you perhaps provide a couple of screenshots or a short loom describing your problem in a little more detail?

In the meantime i found some RFM segmentation related stuff here if you want to have a look whilst we wait for the instructor :slight_smile:

Search hits for RFM segmentation