Research keywords for a B2B SaaS business

Business Benefits

Maximize your online marketing and content creation efforts.

Brainstorm potential keywords related to your SaaS business and add them to a seed list.

Start with the obvious ones, like your brand name and product category, and move on to solution and integration terms, alternative terms, and upstream and downstream products that a business might also use. For example, if your product is B2B invoicing software, your brainstorming might include:

  • point of sale software
  • POS software
  • POS software for Quickbooks
  • POS software for Xero
  • cash register
  • cash book
  • Deputy
  • BigCommerce

Create a spreadsheet and add each keyword in your seed list as a row.

Adding your seed list to a spreadsheet makes it easier to keep track of your keywords and remove under-performing ones further down the line.

Enter your seed list keywords into a keyword tool like the Ahrefs Keyword Explorer.

Add key information like search volume, clicks, competition, and current rank as columns on your spreadsheet.

If you’re using the Ahrefs Keyword Explorer, simply adding each term (or uploading your list as a CSV) gives you key information on each of your keywords.

Add any related and relevant keyword suggestions from your keyword tool to your spreadsheet.

Click through each one and add the key information to your spreadsheet, too.

Narrow your list down to the most relevant keywords based on the information and metrics that best align with your goals and marketing strategy.

For example, if your goal is to improve search rankings, consider choosing keywords with a high search volume and medium-to-low competition to use in your content marketing.

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