Research and Testing course

Community member @magdolin.abdelfattah created course notes for the Research and Testing course within the Growth Marketing MD.

Technical Analysis:

Analyzing your web platform from a technical standpoint

Factors to consider:

  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Device compatibility
  • Speed analysis
  • Broken Pages

Tools to use:
Web analytics tools (ex: google analytics)

Heuristic Analysis:

Heuristic analysis is an expert based analysis that uses experience-based techniques for problem solving, learning, and discovery. Its results are not guaranteed to be optimal.

It requires Identifying the user areas of interest, to be able to analyze the web content

Factors that affect Heuristic analysis:

  • Relevance
  • Clarity
  • Motivation
  • Friction

Digital Analysis:

Analyze the treemaps and follow user journey to understand what leads to conversions by conducting web analytics health check

Factors to consider:

  • Where are the conversion leaks?
  • What are users doing?
  • Which actions correlate with higher conversions?
  • Which segments are on my website?

Tools to use:
Web analytics tools (ex: google analytics/heap analytics)

Mouse tracking and form analytics:

Mouse tracking can provide valuable insights into viewing and information processing patterns.

By understanding where the customers are clicking and how far they go on the website, determines the problems in the pages/ design of the website

Factors to consider:

  • What are users clicking >> by conducting Heat and Click Maps
  • How far do they scroll >> by conducting Scroll Maps
  • Session replays
  • Difference between devices

Tools to use:

  • Hot charts
  • Sessioncam
  • Sybil insights
  • Hot jar
  • VWO
  • Messima

Qualitative Research:

Collecting qualitative data you can more personally understand your users’ experience and pinpoint areas of friction to work on.

Factors to consider:

  • Buyer groups
  • How are they deciding
  • Which problems are we solving
  • What is holding them back
  • What do they need to know

The above can be done using:

  • Customer surveys
  • Web traffic surveys
  • Chat logs
  • Interviews

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Hello Tania,

The three links which you have mentioned are not available, not able to click on those links. Kindly, look into it.

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Hey @jobsforkarthikan,

Thank you for your comment. The Growth Marketing MD link is fixed. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t realize there was such a direct connection between (marketing) research and testing. To me testing has always been the domain of software engineering and QA. I am coming from the testing space and know how important it is to provide impeccable user experiences and how much it can cost your business if you don’t. I recommend close collaboration with IT here as testing, especially test automation has a lot of power if done properly. It can eliminate redundancies and can save a lot of time. Things like browser compatibility, device compatibility, responsive behavior, speed, performance etc. could be a pain and require technical expertise. I would argue this can be achieved with tools like google analytics only and would advice to consider real automation for the purpose. Hope that helps!


Hello Asya

Thank you for your insightful feedback! Marketing and testing do go hand in hand and testing is currently essential for marketing activities.

I believe that collaboration between marketing and it would be beneficial but for ones with limited resources there are plenty of tools that could help. There are many Martech tools that can facilitate the job for you.
In terms of analytics, there are also many tools, Googler analytics being one of them. The preference of the tools used depends on the ones using it and the type of data they are looking for. GA is a free tool and still provide plenty of insights and can be very helpful in many cases.
Hope this helps!


Hey @magdolin.abdelfattah these notes are great.

Did you by chance have a look at the following playbook by Speero?

Wondering if there are differences between that and this course?

@CXLTalent Anyone else take this course?


Hello @hesh_fekry, thank you for sharing. This looks very helpful, will definitely go through it

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