Repurpose virtual summit content

Business Benefits

Take advantage of virtual summit sessions for years after they have ended.

Restructure your summit sessions and compile them into a book you can promote to your audience.

For example, Tim Ferriss created Tools of Titans from a collection of interviews he conducted.

Take the highlights from your summit sessions and expand on them in podcast episodes.

You can also invite your summit speakers and sponsors back for a podcast interview.

Turn summit session transcripts or specific strategies and tactics shared by your speakers into blog articles to post on your or the summit host’s website.

You can either publish the full transcripts as blog posts, or expand on specific strategies and tactics shared by your summit speakers.

Create videos of your session highlights and share them on social media.

Be sure to edit your summit session videos before uploading them.

Turn your summit sessions into content for your email newsletter.

Just like you would turn them into blog posts, you can use your summit sessions to create content for your email newsletter. This allows you to stay in touch with the new audience your summit generated.

Create YouTube videos about the strategies and tactics shared in your summit and how your audience can use them to overcome issues and achieve results.

You can generate ideas for these videos based on the transcripts or session notes of your sessions.

Figure out the main takeaways from each summit session and then record a video diving deeper into it.

Create additional content to fill in potential gaps and sell your summit sessions as a full-fledged course.

Think about what it would take to turn your summit sessions into a course that would help your audience achieve their goals. Are the summit sessions valuable enough to help them achieve a transformation, or does your audience need further instruction?

Record your findings and bundle them along with the summit sessions into a course you could sell.

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