Repurpose content for lead generation

Business Benefits

Drive more leads and enhance the sales funnel.

Identify content that has been successful in generating awareness and engagement, but unsuccessful in driving leads.

Analyze content that has been successful in driving leads to find common takeaways that can be applied to the repurposed content.

For each piece of content being repurposed, determine the single value proposition that could cause your audience to become leads.

Decide on a format for each content piece being repurposed that lends itself to lead generation.

Rewrite, reformat, and republish the repurposed content piece on its new channel.

Promote your repurposed content for audience segments most likely to become leads.

Analyze your repurposed content one month after its publication date to determine lead gen impacts after your adjustments.

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what metrics to see in order to measure awareness and engagement as the first step

@deepanshu bhatia

Depends on the situation. If its blogs, you could have a look at GA and check for total views and unique views. If you have a comments section, specific pieces of content could also be generating a lot of comments and discussions and you would look at the number of comments. This could also apply to social posts and you can use the individual platforms analytic tools to find out which pieces of content are performing best in terms of views, likes, comments, shares etc.

<b>For example facebook’s group analytics:</b>

This could give you a good starting point. Lead generation metrics depends a little on your business/product outcomes and how you are defining what a lead is. For example if you rely on emails captured and have a CTA for newseltter signups on your blog, then you would track that and which piece of content the signup is coming from.