Reptilian brain theory - debunking a myth

I wanted to ask the community about the theory of the reptilian brain found in this course.
From what I know, this theory has been debunked many years ago (see That Is Not How Your Brain Works - Nautilus, You Don't Actually Have A 'Lizard Brain', Evolutionary Study Reveals : ScienceAlert and other articles online.)

I would suggest to take out this part in the CXL course, in order not to teach something that is outdated and wrong.

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This course definitely needs an update. @sakib can you please add this into the feedback database (airtable) so we can keep on it :slight_smile:



There are definitely some criticisms of this theory like oversimplification, lack of evidence and the differences between each customer. No doubt we can include some more advanced techniques. Anything in particular you want to learn about?

I wonder what @katherine has to say about this topic?

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Hi @hesh_fekry,
not really in particular, I have a background in psychological science and really care that these theories that have been debunked aren’t taught to “newbies”.
Thank you!