Quick Networking session

I wanted to know if there would be any networking sessions amongst the other students of the program. If not, would anyone be interested in the same.


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Hey @sociallyshruti

Great idea. After a couple of weeks prepping and being at CXL live the benefits of networking and relationship building has never been more clear :slight_smile:

Great idea. And great timing.

Im sure @tania, @alejandra and @Rene have some great ideas.

To help us make it more specific, would be great if you could help us out by letting me know what you would really to get out of these sessions?


Hey @sociallyshruti, Iā€™m Tania, Community Manager. Nice to meet you!

To add to @hesh_fekryā€™s comment, here are some easy questions that will help us create sessions you want.

  • What are you hoping to learn from other students in the program?
  • Are there any topics you want to learn more about in a group event setting? (like a workshop)

Then we can go from there. :slight_smile:

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