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Business Benefits

Build a large, active listener base.

Publish 3-5 episodes for your initial launch to introduce and hook listeners.

Co-create content with influencers from your industry to provide cross-promotional opportunities, attract new listeners, and kick-start your marketing campaign.

Co-creating content with an industry influencer allows you to amplify your reach by piggybacking on their presence and audience. That might be as simple as interviewing them on your show.

Prepare shareable media like pull quotes, images, links, and pre-written Tweets and status updates to make it easier for your guests to attract their listener base.

Use tools like Canva or Instagram Stories to share short video clips, soundbites, images, or teaser quotes to promote your podcast on social media.

Convert your audio to a YouTube video and include keywords in your title and description to boost your podcast’s SEO.

Use sites like Rev, Descript or Happy Scribe to transcribe your audio and publish it to your website as a blog post.

Make sure you blend in the transcribed content as a blog post. For example, include a short introduction with your transcribed audio to discuss what the podcast will cover.

Create a landing page on your existing website for your podcast.

You can include:

  • Links to both the podcast episodes and associated blog posts.
  • Calls to action allowing people to sign up through common podcast players like Apple Podcasts or Spotify.
  • Access to a mailing list where they can be notified about new episodes.
  • Links to your social media channels.

Creating a page on your existing site helps drive listeners to your other products or content while inspiring website visitors to be interested in the podcast.

Submit your podcast to podcatchers and podcast directories like Stitcher, TuneIn, and Overcast to take advantage of their built-in category and recommendation features.

Involve your listeners by running giveaways and encouraging reviews for word-of-mouth promotion.

For example, listeners who review your podcast could receive an in-episode mention or product discounts. The larger and more involved your audience, the more opportunity for promotion.

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