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Hello Tania and Hesh,
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I’m grateful for the excellent advice I’ve received here!

I have a question about a previous FB ad I ran earlier this year.

I had an awareness objective for a video ad that used an uploaded list of business owners on FB.

I’m guessing that I can I stick to the 2 part awareness to conversion tactic learned in your most recent FB e-commerce course. Would you be willing to give this video a like or leave a comment?

Thanks so much for considering!


I am concerned that our number of views at 25% or greater resulted in only a .02% view rate out of a reach of over 6K people. I’ve attached the up to date analytics and the ad itself is above.

Any insight is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!



Hi @wlaschmidt, how’s it going?

There are some essential points to analyze:

  • what is the difference in performance between the placements? Does it happen to all of them?
  • how long is your video? once you are analyzing the percentage of video views.
  • what are you doing to grab and maintain the user’s attention?

For example, it happens too often in the audience network placement.

If you want a higher percent-time of visualization, three things are important:

  • the audience
  • the right placement (where the users are willing to view the whole video?)
  • the narrative

Check this out:

hope it can be useful!


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Hey @wlaschmidt apologies for the late response. Holiday season.

Thanks @waboratto for the suggestions. Did any of these provide what you where looking for @wlaschmidt ?

Hey @wlaschmidt just following up to see if you got what you needed?

@waboratto Thanks, Wagner.

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