Premium pricing for digital marketing agency

Can one charge premium prices when building the digital marketing agency?

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Depends on your “building” phase, background of the founders, and other factors.

Pricing depends a lot on trust levels, credibility of your business, and offer.

If you have believable proof you can deliver, you can charge whatever price is still reasonably profitable for your potential customer.

11 years ago, in starting phase of our first agency, we offered both

  • believable expertise
  • below market pricing

For many clients, pricing is still the biggest obstacle to signing up, and you need more showcases.

As soon as you have success stories, start testing price increases on incoming leads.

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Hi @thembamtsali.thewild

This blog and playbook look at hiring CRO agencies specifically. So slightly more niche context but they both go through some of the factors one may decide against when considering pricing for hiring an agency.

Reading these could help contextualize your price point based on specific factors and help you communicate that to your propsective clients.