Plan launch marketing for a product

Based on New Product Launch Marketing Plan With Examples - CXL by Tom Whatley.

Business benefits

Improve your chances of reaching the right audiences and going viral.

Use your collaborative work platform to organize your plan so everyone knows where they’re meant to be and what they should be doing on launch day.

Coordinate sales and marketing teams to have the right activities ready to go at the right times. Prepare your teams by having step-by-step plays ready to go.


  • Who is available to book product demo meetings?
  • Will you be running live streams, webinars, giveaways, etc.? Who owns these tasks, and when and how will they take place?
  • What emails will you send? How will they be scheduled? Who’ll be responsible for handling responses, and what kind of responses can you anticipate?
  • If you have a sales team, who is making phone calls? To whom? When?
  • Who is responsible for inbound calls?

On launch day, Fishkin engaged consistently with his Twitter audience, answering questions, demonstrating use cases, and helping the community get the most out of SparkToro.

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Share a formal product announcement message along with other communications on launch day.

Make use of the channels you planned in the pre-launch stage to:

  • Roll out new product landing pages.
  • Publish and share new blog posts and how-to articles.
  • Schedule social media posts throughout the day that promote your product’s value propositions.
  • Encourage discussions with your audience when they engage with your content.
  • Coordinate media and PR releases to drop on the same day and link back to your main launch platform.

The best way to communicate your new product launch is to show potential customers exactly how your product is going to solve their problem.


When released their new product workdocs (a collaborative document editor similar to Google Docs), used a short, informative video to demonstrate the product’s value and key competitive differentiators.

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The video featured a face-to-face comparison with existing word document editors demonstrating workdocs’ speed and collaboration abilities, showing their audience exactly why they should choose workdocs over a competitor product.

Engage your advocates to upvote your new product on Product Hunt, and to share content on relevant social media platforms.

To maximize engagement (and to allow influencers to retain authenticity), have advocates publish unique content rather than simply retweeting your existing posts.


Take Ashley R. Cummings, freelance writer, and SparkToro advocate.

Rather than simply retweeting one of Fishkin’s product videos Cummings shares a quick tip on using SparkToro to find interview sources.


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Fishkin then leverages this user-generated content by sharing this insight and product advocacy with his own audience.

Start a referral program to turn your customers into advocates.

Referral schemes are an important part of long-term product marketing strategy, generating a near-passive stream for customer acquisition.

For example, offer a first month free initiative for both the inviter and invitee. Offer this incentive for a limited time to boost initial launch sign-ups before reverting to your long-term referral scheme offer.


Airtable, a low-code platform for building collaborative apps, encourages users to invite their network by offering $10 worth of credits for each person invited.

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